The Penguin Incident - Are You Ready To ROCK?
The Penguin Incident - Are You Ready To ROCK?

About us

The Penguin Incident are a rag tag bunch of musicians from the Northwich area and who were once described by Oliver Reed as the musical equivalent of the A-Team. Still on the run from the CIA
for crimes they did not commit (it wasn’t us honest). The Penguin Incident have become Rock Soldiers of Fortune, playing gigs in pubs and clubs to fund the cause and to pay for their ever expanding bar tab.
The Penguins play a blend of both modern and classic rock covers, with the emphasis on having a good time.


Please don’t be put off by all the hype around the legendary party antics of this five piece band, who make Motley Crue, look like the New Seekers. Although we do like to party, most of the recent reports about our wild drunken debauchery have been slightly wide of the mark! Robert Plant when asked to comment on the band famously said “who”?!


What they are saying about the Penguins:

Why hasn’t Mr Beckett the guitarist from the mighty Penguin Incident featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine yet? It’s a disgrace; it’s what the people want!
F Rossi, Margarita Nursing Home, Surrey

My Mum booked a band called the Penguin Incident for my 100th Birthday Party, I can’t recommend
them highly enough, Great vocalist, loads better that the guy who used to be in my Band back in
the early 70s! Rock n Roll!

Sir Jimmy Page, Rocksville

A band called the Penguin Incident played my local pub last night, these guys can really rock,, their version of “Whole Lotta Rosie” was epic, I really impressed with Paul`s solo, don’t miss them when they visit your town.
Richie Blackmore – Toadstool Hollow, Elf-land

I finally got to see the Penguin Incident down at the Bowling Green last weekend, what a crackin night, me and my mate Dean (Martin), pulled a couple of local gals, got hammered and listened to some great music. I got to meet Mark, the Bass Guitarist after the show, What a top bloke, and a what a great bass player! Great pint of mild in the Green too, Cheers Tim.
Mr Frank Sinatra – Los Angeles, CA

I asked myself the other day, what’s happened to all the great rock drummers in the world? Then I saw Kerrie from the impressive Penguin Incident, the future is in good hands. I will sleep well tonight.
N Peart, A Mountain, Canada

These boys really know how to party; I think I had a Great night.
O Osborne, Birmingham, England

The bass player is hot, anyone know his number?
Miss K Minogue, Ramsey St, Australia

Not really my cup of tea, a bit loud for me.
N Tenant, Canal Street, Manchester

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